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I visited BASALT with my friends, this restaurant provides local influenced dining services, which brought my taste of memory of Oahu to the next level.

BASALT is inside a market, the environment is modern, each employee has a bright smile that’s unique to the island, and overall a soothing place to be.

First, I want to talk about the restaurant’s homemade black charcoal bread. If you close your eyes and take a bite, you can actually taste the warm, soft, and sweet bread. But when you open your eyes, you just see that it’s just a black bread, and in your mind of course, there’s this originality that make people wonder if it’s edible.

Original article posted by Sing Tao Daily.
Original article posted by Sing Tao Daily.

Actually, many years ago in Asia, especially Japan, people started eating food with charcoal powder.
I heard the black charcoal power has detoxification functions.

Believe it or not it’s up to you, but this black charcoal bread is enjoyable.

For the appetizer, I ordered their dinner special, the local smoked white fish sashimi. The taste of the smoked fish is savory and tender.

With the vegetable sauce mixed together in the fish it makes the taste more fresh.

This course reminded us that we’re truly in hawaii, and that it proves that fish taste best fresh from the ocean.

Of course you can’t miss the local oyster, that’s so sweet and fresh that you can’t compare.

Lobster soup comes in a bowl or a small cup. The rich lobster sparked each taste bud and after you drink it, you eat the lobster meat that’s at the bottom of the cup, which has a very chewy texture.

The chef then brings out another cup of a mini japanese style steamed egg poured with truffle oil, plus a piece of lobster meat along with a piece of mushroom, which makes a very tasty effect.

I ordered a tomato salad that has basil with mozzarella cheese. With one bite and one crunch, the sweet and sour vinegar sauce comes out that makes it really interesting.

The freshness of the tomato really matches the freshness of mozzarella and that taste is unbelievable with the cheese that’s also fresh made, each bite being super soft. A word to describe this salad is fresh.

After eating this dish, my friend and I said we should go home immediately to learn how to make it.
The main dish was a thick meat scallop, slightly fried on both sides.
Then you have the mashed potato which was made into a small edible plate with scallop, sauce, and green soy beans inside. The presentation is mesmerizing, plus it has an actual effect of the sauce mixed with the mashed potatoes directly that adds the taste of mashed potato.

The last two desserts were splendid.

The sweet and sourness of the lemon pie, and the egg white on top of the pie is whipped lightly. When it enters the mouth, the egg white melts immediately after a sense of sweetness, and a momentum of taking another bite.

For the French lilikoi milk jelly, after eating the caramel on top of it, my mouth catches the texture on top of it, making it unforgettable.

As the flavor of lilikoi rushes out, it is another course that make people recognize Hawaii with a single bite.

Translated from the original article, published on Sunday, September 23, 2018

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